DEADLINE FOR NEXT ORDERS: "Notification" deadline is JULY 27; payment deadline is July 30. Which means...if you plan to order this month, please notify me via email by JULY 27 (patriotscrip "at" gmail.com). I will wait until July 30 to receive your payment, as sometimes the mail is slow. If you use PrestoPay, or would like more information on that, please email. Thanks!

SCRIP MAILING ADDRESS: For orders - please mail to Acadiana Patriots, P O Box 80625, Lafayette, LA 70598. Since this box isn't checked every day, please EMAIL if you send an order so we can make sure we have it. Thanks!

Acadiana Patriots Enrollment Code: E27795B233574.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Upcoming order deadlines

Thanks to everyone who was at last night's Acadiana Patriots meeting and expressed an interest in Patriot Scrip!  Here are a few details to keep in mind:

-- You can use a paper order form, or order online / pay with a check, or order and pay online.

-- If you switch from using a paper order form to online ordering, just let me know with an email -- patriotscrip <at sign> gmail.com.  To process your paper order forms, I will have already set up an online account as your proxy at www.shopwithscrip.com.  Let me know you want to switch to online ordering - I'll send you your login information so you can log in, change your password, and start placing your orders!  This avoids having TWO accounts for the same person.

       Orders that we receive (with payment) by Sunday, August 26 will be available for distribution by Tuesday, Sept. 4th. 
       Orders we receive (with payment) after August 26 but by Labor Day (Monday, Sept. 3rd) will be available for distribution at the Acadiana Patriots meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 11.

*disclaimer*...this is presuming that the usual turnaround time will not be too greatly disrupted by Labor Day or other unforeseeable circumstances.  If scrip isn't available when we expect it, don't worry - we WILL work with you to get it to you promptly!

Distribution notes...
       We'll announce a distribution time and place (probably one of the Lafayette libraries, and probably early evening) either on this blog or via email to those who ordered. 

Questions?  Email me!

Remember, the USPS isn't always as quick as we'd like...so get those orders in quickly!  Mail to: Acadiana Patriots, P O Box 1223, Youngsville, LA 70592 (Note MAILING ADDRESS correction of the box number).

If you've mailed something to the Lafayette PO box, don't worry - that is also for Acadiana Patriots, we just won't be using it for scrip orders.  Email me if you sent an order there (or if you think you might have....) and we'll watch for it.

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