DEADLINE FOR NEXT ORDERS: "Notification" deadline is JULY 27; payment deadline is July 30. Which means...if you plan to order this month, please notify me via email by JULY 27 (patriotscrip "at" gmail.com). I will wait until July 30 to receive your payment, as sometimes the mail is slow. If you use PrestoPay, or would like more information on that, please email. Thanks!

SCRIP MAILING ADDRESS: For orders - please mail to Acadiana Patriots, P O Box 80625, Lafayette, LA 70598. Since this box isn't checked every day, please EMAIL if you send an order so we can make sure we have it. Thanks!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

PrestoPay, Reload, ScripNow and Instant Gratification!

Want it now?  You CAN have it now - or pretty quickly - with PatriotScrip tools like PrestoPay, Reload, and ScripNow!

PrestoPay™ is a convenient way for you to place and pay for your scrip order on-line. GLSC (the scrip company we use) processes your payment securely online.  PrestoPay is similar to PayPal, but without the PayPal fees.  GLSC processes your payment plus a 15 cent service charge per order, regardless of size.

 <p> What's great about this is that once you have your PrestoPay account set up, you can place your order for physical scrip (the cards themselves) without having to write and mail a check, or remember to download and print and mail the order form.  You just place and pay for the order online.  PLEASE NOTE - if your order is for physical gift cards, they will still have to be shipped with the next Acadiana Patriots order.  It's a good idea to send me an email at PatriotScrip <at> gmail.com and let me know you'll be placing an order via PrestoPay.

<p>For INSTANT GRATIFICATION, however (or almost-instant!) you can use PrestoPay to purchase ScripNow and Reloads. Note - these are not available from all merchants.

<p> Here's an example.  A few months back, my nook e-reader gave up the ghost. Since I'm addicted to books, I had to replace it - NOW!!  Barnes & Noble is a merchant that offers ScripNow through Patriot Scrip. So, I logged into www.shopwithscrip.com.  I had already set up PrestoPay and had checked the price on the nook-with-backlight.  I purchased Barnes & Noble ScripNow in the amount I needed, logged out, went to my email, received and printed my ScripNow certificate, and was on my way to replace my nook.  It cost me an extra 15 cents - yes, 15 cents - and about 5 minutes for the PrestoPay convenience. That's it.

<p>Acadiana Patriots earned about $12 from my nook purchase, 15-cent-and-5-minute investment.

<p>Find a list of merchants offering ScripNow here.(If you shop online, this is ideal! And yes, Amazon offers ScripNow as well as B & N!)

<p> In addition to ScripNow, you can also RELOAD some (alas, not all) Scrip Cards purchased through Acadiana Patriots.  Find the list here. You can't use it for everything, but why not a gas card and a grocery card? (Note that some Reloads are done overnight.) You pay only 15 cents more per PrestoPay order, and the AcadianaPatriots receives a percentage of the face value of the card purchase.

<p> In both instances - ScripNow and Reload - you can order, receive, and use your scrip on YOUR timeline!

<p> Your support of Patriot Scrip helps the Acadiana Patriots to offer educational programs and speakers, rent space for meetings, and pay for our website. Thanks for supporting Patriot Scrip and the Acadiana Patriots!