DEADLINE FOR NEXT ORDERS: "Notification" deadline is JULY 27; payment deadline is July 30. Which means...if you plan to order this month, please notify me via email by JULY 27 (patriotscrip "at" gmail.com). I will wait until July 30 to receive your payment, as sometimes the mail is slow. If you use PrestoPay, or would like more information on that, please email. Thanks!

SCRIP MAILING ADDRESS: For orders - please mail to Acadiana Patriots, P O Box 80625, Lafayette, LA 70598. Since this box isn't checked every day, please EMAIL if you send an order so we can make sure we have it. Thanks!

Acadiana Patriots Enrollment Code: E27795B233574.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Distribution notes

Why can't I just get my scrip when I pay for it?

We order scrip "in bulk" - but as ordered, because we have to pay for it in advance.  In other words, we collect orders and payment from our members (and their family and friends).  We consolidate the orders and make one order from Great Lakes Scrip Center.  Yes, there is a shipping charge, so we combine the orders to make sure the shipping is covered and Acadiana Patriots still receives revenue.

How and when do I get my scrip?

 Right now we are trying to process two orders a month, with one of those orders being available for distribution at an Acadiana Patriots meeting.  As for the other order processed "in between" meetings, we will have distribution points/times announced.  Expect a distribution point in Lafayette, Youngsville, and Iberia Parish. You'll notice we ask for an email address (and phone number) on the order form - this way we can contact you directly with distribution information.  Make sure you add PatriotScrip@gmail.com to your contact list so that a distribution email doesn't get filtered out - and always, feel free to email with your questions!